Fire Damage Clean Up | 3 Reasons to Get Your Chimney Inspected


Fire Damage Clean Up | Did you know that you should have your chimney cleaned and also inspected on a regular basis? A chimney in poor condition can greatly endanger your home and the lives of your family members. Learn about these 3 reasons why you should get your chimney inspected:

Poor Burning

Did you notice that your fires took a lot of energy and extra time in order to get them going last winter? If you had a problem starting a fire as well this may be caused by the air flow and draft system of your chimney. Too much air can put out a fire while too little will suffocate it. An improper draft system can cause smoke to flow back into your home and encourage fire to jump outside the fireplace. Protect your home from fire damage clean up by having the chimney inspected if your fires didn’t burn correctly last year.

Damaged Damper

A fireplace’s damper is an important element in burning a proper fire. The damper regulates the air flow of your chimney and can greatly affect where the smoke goes from a burning fire. Make sure that your damper is easy to open and close and that it seals correctly when closed. A chimney inspector will be able to tell if your damper needs to be replaced.

Storm Damage

Go outside of your home to look at the chimney from the outside. Are there any missing bricks from a recent storm or possibly some glazing that is cracking? Outside elements can damage the stack of a chimney quite easily. Homeowners should visually inspect their chimney on a regular basis in order to keep it in proper working order and free from needing fire damage clean up services.

A damaged chimney is important to get inspected before burning a fire. Make sure to ask if your chimney sweep also does inspections in order to keep your fireplace and chimney in tip top condition. If you do need fire damage clean up services due to a damaged chimney, contact the team of professionals at ServiceMaster of Charleston today!