Flood Damage Restoration | Kids Home for the summer?

Flood Damage Restoration | If you have kids you probably have noticed that your home is a bit wet during the summer. Kids who enjoy swimming, running through the sprinkler, or having a water balloon fight can also bring in extra water and moisture to your home. Allowing water to pool in your home for long amounts of time can lead to needing water damage restoration services. Consider these tips to keep your home dry this summer:

Set a Timer

If you have a backyard pool consider making a rule that kids have to stay outside to dry off for a certain amount of time after swimming. Set a timer for at least 5 minutes in order to allow wet swimsuits to dry off enough in order to keep your home dry. Wet carpet and flooring can not only be a hazard but can also encourage mildew to grow in your home. Continuous wet areas can damage the structure of your home and even cause the need for water damage restoration services.

Keep It Outside

Many kids will try to bring the fun water activities inside the home which can be disastrous. Make sure that all of those fun water toys stay outside and aren’t allowed inside the home. Just a few water balloons breaking on the couch or on grandma’s antique settee can cause major water damage.

Hang It Up

Between wet towels and swimsuits on the floor a child’s bedroom can get gross pretty quickly. Make sure that your children understand that wetsuits are to be hung up in the bathroom in order to keep bedroom carpets dry. Other items like wet pool towels can not only damage carpeting but also create a wet spot underneath the flooring that can be hard to clean.

Have fun with your kids this summer enjoying outside water activities but make sure that your home also stays dry with these tips. If your home does encounter some extra water this summer make sure to contact the team at ServiceMaster of Charleston for all of your water damage restoration needs. Contact us TODAY!