Flood Damage | What is Dry Rot?

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Flood Damage | What Is Dry Rot?

Brown rot, or more commonly referred to as dry rot, is a decay of wood that is caused by fungus. Excess moisture causes the fungi to grow and spread into wooden structures. When this happens, the wood parts that provide stiffness and strength are broken down by the fungus. Dry rot will only affect wood that has an excess of 20% moisture content. The fungus enters the wood in the wet areas and then moves to the dry areas, further penetrating the strength of the wood itself. When dry rot is found, the weakened wood is typically dry as it starts to deteriorate.

Homeowners can identify dry rot in their home by looking for the cotton appearance of the fungus on the affected wood. Areas of the home that are starting to become troubled by dry rot will contain wood that looks shrunken or is sinking. Another easy way to spot dry rot is a flat fungus growth that is grayish colored and looks like a mushroom. Areas of concern would include any wood that has been involved in any kind of flood damage: this could include floods inside the home from a leaking system or major flooding outside of the home.

Prevent dry rot by making sure that your home is not susceptible to flood damage. Regularly inspect your roof for potential water damage. Plumbing leaks commonly cause dry rot due to their contact source of moisture. Proper ventilation can also help in keeping dry rot at bay: make sure that all bathrooms have a properly installed ventilation fan to keep the wood of your home dry and moisture free.

ServiceMaster of Charleston can help to correct flood damage that may have caused dry rot issues in your home. A team of certified technicians can adequately assess the flood damage within your home and work to rid your home of all excess moisture. State of the art technology and equipment is used to quickly scan and determine the amount of water in all areas of the home.

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