Flood Damage Cleanup | Steps a Company Should Take for Flood Damage Cleanup

Flood Damage Cleanup | You come home after a long day’s work and head down to the basement. As you’re walking down the staircase you hear a sloshing sound. You flip on the light all you can see is water covering your newly renovated game room.  Unfortunately, this scenario or one very similar happens to people every day. A flooded basement can really cause you to panic, but the thing you need to remember is to stay calm and to call a professional immediately.

When choosing a cleaning & restoration service there are certain steps you should expect them to take to ensure your home is properly treated. Here is a list of steps that the company should perform.

Inspect & Assess

The first step your cleaning & restoration company should take is to inspect and assess the extent of the damage. The company should have quality equipment to analyze your home, identify the source and then outline the work that will be required to take care of the issue.

Water Mitigation

The next sept is water mitigation. Water mitigation is the immediate action to prevent more damage from occurring. This includes removing unsalvageable items, working to stop the water and removing the standing water.


Next, dehumidifiers should be utilized to extract moisture from the air. This expedites the drying process and helps to protect against mold from forming in the area.


Now special equipment, such as air movers, need to be brought in to encourage water to evaporate quicker. The longer your floor and furniture stay saturated, the more likely mold will form.


The final step is monitoring the progress. The cleaning & restoration company should take atmospheric and moisture readings to make sure the area is drying and at what rate. If the process is not progressing quick enough, measures can then be taken to speed the process.

Choosing a quality cleaning and restoration company for flood damage cleanup is crucial to ensure that your home is restored properly. If you live in the Charleston area, Service Master of Charleston is a great company to call. They have skilled technicians that specialize in flood damage clean up and will work hard to return your home to normal.


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