Flood Damage Cleanup | Places in Your Home Most Vulnerable for Flood

Flood Damage Cleanup | Flooding is one of the most destructive forces of nature, and it can do real damage to your home and property. Luckily, there are companies that do flood damage cleanup to help you restore your home when disaster strikes; however, you should know the areas your home is most vulnerable to having flood or water damage to hopefully prevent flooding issues before they start.

1. In the Kitchen- Flood damage can be caused by more than mother nature; in fact, it can be caused by your dishwasher, refrigerator, sinks, and pipes that are in your kitchen. Water is running in your kitchen frequently, with the average person using the kitchen water eight to ten times per day. This makes your kitchen a very vulnerable place for water damage.

2. In the Basement- Your basement is vulnerable to needing flood damage cleanup for a few different reasons. The most obvious is when your sump pump fails and backs up into the basement. Sump pumps can fail during storms also, which is when your basement is most at risk. Some foundations or basement windows can leak or break during storms, and flooding can occur. If your water heater is in the basement this appliance can be another source of flooding from things like a loose drain valve or crack in the tank.

3. In the Bathroom- There are a lot of plumbing pipes that run through your bathroom, and if these pipes burst it can cause flooding and water damage in your bathroom and beyond. Bathtubs, toilets, and sinks overflowing is another common source of flooding that you could end up needing flood damage cleanup professionals to remedy. Your toilet can also flood due to loose connections, cracked bowls or tanks, or if the flange sealant is missing.

4. The Attic/Roof- When your roof is leaking, you can end up with flood damage in the attic, which can seep through the ceilings and walls, causing damage to many areas of your roof. Roof leaks can be caused by storms, ventilation system damage, separated decking, and missing flashing.

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