Floods can be destructive; therefore, the earlier you take care of the situation, the better it is for you. Thankfully, ServiceMaster is here to help you clean up and settle back in. They provide flood damage cleanup in Charleston, ensuring quick and effective restoration. 


What should you do after a flood? Below are things to keep in mind. 


Call Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company of the situation and the extent of damage caused. Your insurance company will advise on what to do immediately as they plan on settling your claims for restoration and repairs. 


Water Removal

While you may be tempted to remove the water yourself, you may cause further damage or expose yourself to health hazards. The best approach would be to call professionals for water damage cleanup in Charleston to help you with the cleanup and restoration process. 


Flood cleanup professionals have the right skills to manage such situations without posing hazards. Additionally, they come with proper equipment to remove the water effectively and restore your home to functionality. 


Sort Your Valuables

Take all your valuables outside and sort through to identify salvageable ones from entirely damaged ones. Leave them outside to dry before returning them inside. Ideally, you should get professionals to ensure proper drying and treatment of your valuables before using them. 


Clean the Home

Clean the entire home paying attention to the affected areas. A good idea is to use disinfectant soap and clean water to kill germs while removing all the dirt. Disinfect the floors and leave them to dry. 


During a flood, trust ServiceMaster to clean up and restore your home. The team is equipped to provide flood damage cleanup in Charleston, taking care of the intricate processes to get your home back to functionality.