Why Sunrooms Leak?


Sunrooms are usually open, fitted with plenty of windows to allow as much natural lighting as possible. This makes them susceptible to leaks if some windows have cracks or are left open during the rainy season. 


Sunroom leaks can also come from the roof, where the sunroom roof meets the existing house’s roof, especially if both roofs are made from different materials. With worn-out flashing, water drips between the two roofs making its way into the sunroom. 


Risks of Sunrooms Leaks


Leaks from the sunroom are as dangerous as an open window or front door in a storm. When the water pools on the floor, tiles, hardwood flooring, and furniture in the sunroom can degrade significantly. This is why professionals for flood damage cleanup in Charleston are necessary for quick restoration.


How to Prevent Flooding in the Sunroom


You ought to ensure flashing is well done during construction and keep up with its maintenance. Also, ensure all sunroom windows and doors are locked during storms to prevent water from sipping in. Have a professional inspect the sunroom after building to ensure all the components are functional and well-sealed to keep water away during storms. 


Even with a fully-functional and secure sunroom, flooding can occur from heavy, destructive rains. If this happens, do not hesitate to contact ServiceMaster. We provide flood damage cleanup in Charleston, taking off the burden of cleaning up and restoring your home after floods.