A small leak along your home’s plumbing line can cause flooding, especially when it goes unnoticed. If this happens, the best thing is to hire a professional for flood cleanup. At ServiceMaster, we provide flood damage cleanup in Charleston. 

How can you find a water leak and prevent a water disaster in your home?

Monitor your Water Bill

If your monthly water bill suddenly spikes, it could indicate continuous leaks in your plumbing line. Compare the water bill with previous months, and if there is a significant difference, inspect the water line to figure out where leaks could be. 

Watch the Water Meter

Take note of the meter reading and cease water usage in the home for a few hours. If the water meter changes, it is likely there is a leak in the line. 

Inspect the Plumbing Line

If you suspect a leak, inspect the line from the inlet to all the faucets around the house. If you find a major leak, get processionals for flood cleanup to assess the situation, clean up and facilitate repairs. 

Check for Discolored Spots

Discolored spots on the walls and ceiling could indicate leaking pipes adjacent to these components. The deeper the color and the bigger the spots, the longer the leakage has been going on. 

Bulging Floors

If you have wooden floors and notice a bulge in a spot, the pipes underneath could be leaking. Wood soaks water quickly and bulges with the buildup of moisture. Depending on the extent of damage, these would warrant the replacement of the floor or part of it. 


Leaks might not seem significant to flooding, but they can cause flooding if left unattended. In the event of a flood, call ServiceMaster Charleston. Our team provides flood damage cleanup in Charleston, helping you settle back in your home as soon as possible.