Flooding can occur in the basement and can destroy the foundation, leading to a significant safety concern if not cleaned up quickly. If your basement floods, involve Service Master. They provide flood damage cleanup in Charleston, restoring your home to functionality. 


Here is a step-by-step procedure for cleaning up your flooded basement. 


Turn Off the Power


Before you walk down to your basement, turn off the power from the main switch. The electrical lines may have come into contact with water, maximizing the risk for electrocution. 


Safety First


Ensure you are in the proper protective equipment before accessing the basement. Wear a waterproof overall, safety gloves, and non-slip rubber boots. You want to ensure the water does not contact your skin; since it could be contaminated. 


At this stage, you may need professional flood cleaning. Service Master has a team providing flood damage cleanup in Charleston; it is equipped to handy any extent of flooding. 


Drying Out the Basement


Once the basement is safe to enter, get rid of standing water using a sump pump or similar tool. You may also need extraction fans or dehumidifiers to circulate air and remove moisture from the basement. With effective drying techniques, your restoration company will ensure the complete removal of water. 


Remove Wet Items


Once you have cleared the water, remove all the items from the basement. You want to leave it as clear as possible to allow for adequate drying and extraction of moisture. 


Clean Walls, Floors, etc.


Clean up the entire basement, including the walls and other components. Your restoration company should clean up the area effectively and restore the basement to its initial state. 


Flood damage can be extensive, costing you time, money, and effort for restoration. Thanks to Service Master, you do not have to worry about doing the job yourself. They are known for flood damage cleanup in Charleston and will come in handy to clean up and restore your basement.