Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Flood Damage Cleanup?

Homeowner’s insurance covers a lot, but it doesn’t cover everything that could happen to your home, and unfortunately, flood damage is rarely covered unless you purchase extra protection called flood insurance. One thing that some homeowners don’t pay attention to is that their policy might cover “water damage” but this is different than flood damage. Many times, when a home is damaged by flooding, the flood damage cleanup and cost of restoration are on the homeowners.

What Does It Cost?

Flood damage cleanup is going to vary based on how severe the damage is, how much water removal is needed, and is mold remediation will also be necessary. Cleaning and drying can take days and sometimes even weeks to properly restore a home to what it was before the flooding occurred. Most companies that specialize in this type of cleaning, such as ServiceMaster, will offer estimates on what restoration will cost homeowners.

Who Can You Trust to Complete Flood Damage Cleanup?

There are scammers out there that prey on homeowners that live in disaster areas or places where they was recent storm damage. They’ll bid jobs cheaply or offer to buy your home from you rather than fixing the flood damage. Those who bid cheap will often not do a professional job and might not provide proper mold remediation. Never let someone convince you that your home can’t be saved and sell your house to them for cheap without getting a second or third opinion.

Hire a local flood damage cleanup company like ServiceMaster of Charleston that is trusted and established to handle your restoration process. Make sure to check reviews of companies on their websites, Google, Angie’s List, and other online resources.

If you’ve recently had flood damage and need a reputable company to help with the cleanup, call ServiceMaster of Charleston at 843-760-0404.