Flood Damage Cleanup | The Different Categories of Contaminated Water

Flood damage Cleanup | is one of every homeowner’s worst nightmares but can happen to anyone, whether you live in coastal areas that flood, or a basement apartment. Not everyone realizes that there are different levels of water contamination that changes the way you handle flood damage cleanup. Here are the three categories of water contamination that you need to know about before beginning.

Category 1

When your home floods with clean water from broken pipes, leaking faucets, or rain, this is category one water contamination. The source of the water is from somewhere considered clean or sanitary; however, if flood damage cleanup is not performed, you can have significant damages to your home. Standing category one water contamination can quickly become category two contamination. 

Category 2

Sullage or greywater is referred to as category two contamination. This type of water comes from overflowing toilets, dishwashers or washing machines that malfunction or other sources that could pose a treat to human health. Category two water can lead to severe property damage as well and is usually laced with harmful chemicals, body fluids such as urine, and other biohazards. Category two water will turn into category three water if flood damage cleanup is not performed within 48 hours. 

Category 3

Category three water is called black water and is the most dangerous type of water contamination. Blackwater comes from sewage spillage and can contain toxic debris and other hazards that pose a significant threat to human health. Sea and groundwater, river and stream overflow, and hurricane waters are considered category three water contamination also. This severe category of water contamination is hazardous and leads to property loss in most cases. Blackwater needs to be removed and cleanup by professional flood damage cleanup companies such as ServiceMaster. 

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