Flood Damage Cleanup | 3 Types Of Floods


Flood Damage Cleanup | Floods are devastating amounts of water that cannot be properly drained for various reasons. Although more prevalent in certain parts of the country, few areas are completely immune to flooding. Flooding occurs in different ways but the results are often the same. Here are 3 common types of floods that can occur.


Flash Floods

Flash floods are often the deadliest floods because they occur so quickly. They are caused by heavy downpours of rain and cause water to rush over a certain region. Water from higher ground flows quickly onto the low-lying area. Often the water travels so fast that people cannot get out-of-the-way. Many people have died from being trapped in the fast-flowing currents of a flash flood.


Slow Flooding

These types of floods occur often and are caused by rainfall over an extended period of time. These types of flooding occur more slowly and give people time to seek higher ground. Even though people have time to move away from slow flooding, it does not make the results any less devastating. Slow flooding still has high waters that can wreak havoc to all the homes in its path.


Extreme Storm Flooding

Extreme storm flooding is the byproduct of storms such as hurricanes or cyclones. This type of flooding also comes on very quickly and when mixed with extreme weather can become deadly. This type of flooding was seen in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


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