Flooding is one of the most damaging disasters that can happen to your home. Water damage can be irreversible and can devastate homeowners, especially those who do not have the added protection of flood insurance. There are many factors at play when it comes to being able to restore your home and achieve a successful flood cleanup in Charleston. A professional restoration company can combat all of these.

  1. How Long Water Has Sat- The longer water is standing in your home, the more damage that will happen. Cleaning up flood damage quickly is imperative to a complete restoration. Floodwaters can seep through your floors and cause structural elements of your home such as foundation, support beams, and more to degrade and rot. Do not wait to call a professional restoration company after a flood if you want to salvage your home.
  2. Type of Flood Waters- There are three categories of floodwaters and category three is the most dangerous and damaging. This category contains the most hazardous contaminants such as sewage and flooding from natural disasters such as hurricanes. If your home has flooded from category two or three, you will need to contact a professional company to complete your flood cleanup in Charleston.
  3. Amount of Water- The volume of water has one of the biggest impacts on whether a home can be salvaged after a flood. More water means more damage and if the damage is too great, sometimes trying to do the flood cleanup in Charleston can be more expensive than a property is worth and result in a total loss.

The last thing a homeowner wants to worry about after a natural disaster or big flooding accident is if they are going to be able to move back into their home. While nothing can be guaranteed, there is always a better chance of complete restoration if you call the professionals like ServiceMaster to complete your flood cleanup.

If you need flood cleanup in your home, call ServiceMaster of Charleston at 843-285-6206.