Purchasing a fireproof safe is a great way to make sure that your important items are kept safe in the event of a fire. Knowing what size of safe to purchase, as well as the specific qualifications of the safe, are important to understand when purchasing a fireproof safe. Being proactive about protecting your valuables is important when faced with a fire that would require important fire damage cleanup services. Consider these 3 things that you should keep in your fireproof safe:

Important Paperwork

Storing important paperwork that would be hard to replace is the first thing you should be keeping in your fireproof safe. Things like birth certificates, wills, passports, social security cards, and insurance policies should all be kept in a safe that is rated for at least 350°F. Bank account information is also important to keep in a fireproof safe so that you can access finances quickly that you may need to restore your home.

Digital Media

Most pictures today are stored on some kind of media tool such as USB drives or even online. Keep your photos safe by storing them electronically if you can. If you still have photos on a USB drive or some other kind of physical device, storing them in a fireproof safe that is rated to withstand heat of at least 238°F will keep them safe from fire. Hard drives can also be stored in a fireproof safe to keep them safe from harm.


Many homeowners don’t have a lot of cash on hand within the home, but if you do, it is important to make sure that it is safe from fire. Storing cash in your fireproof safe is necessary to keep it from being destroyed during a home fire and the required water and chemicals that are used during fire damage cleanup efforts are being made.

Investing in a fireproof safe is an important way to keep your family items safe in the event of a fire. Make sure to purchase one that is rated to withstand high levels of heat. Share your safe’s entry code with someone that you trust who lives outside of the home as well. If your home does experience a fire, the experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston  would be happy to help assist you with their extensive fire damage cleanup services as well.