Fire Damage Clean Up | 3 Common Fire Hazards in the Kitchen

Fire Damage Clean Up | Did you know that most house fires are started in the kitchen? There are plenty of culprits in the kitchen that can cause a fire when you least expect it. Consider these 3 common fire hazards that are in the kitchen:


The combination of dry bread crumbs and heating elements can easily cause a fire. Make sure that you never leave a toaster unattended and that you clean the crumbs out of it on a regular basis. Check for faulty wiring or broken wires that could also easily cause the need for fire damage cleanup. Replace your toaster if it is looking older and is making you worried about its safety.


Not only can microwaves be a hazard with the electrical wiring but they can also produce sparks and fires inside the appliance. Make sure that everyone in your household knows common microwave basics like not putting foil or metal utensils in the microwave. Other issues to consider include the wiring that connects the microwave to the outlet. If your microwave is acting up or is not performing, as usual, consider replacing it in order to prevent the need for fire damage cleanup services.


As one of the most expensive appliances in your kitchen, the refrigerator isn’t usually thought to be a potential threat for fire damage. However, due to the cost of a new replacement, many homeowners are trying to make due with older models in order to save a few bucks. Older fridges have older compressors that can easily get overheated. Electrical shorts can also be caused by the age of a fridge. Make sure that your refrigerator is in good repair and consider saving up for a new one if yours is more than a decade old.

Pay attention to appliances in your kitchen that are looking old or acting up. Make sure to replace any older appliances on a regular basis in order to prevent a kitchen fire. If you do encounter a small kitchen fire make sure to call the experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston for help with fire damage cleanup. Call ServiceMaster of Charleston 843-376-6659!