Fire Damage Clean Up | Ways To Teach Fire Safety To Kids

Fire Damage Clean Up | Many younger children do not understand the dangers of fire and how quickly it can spread throughout a home. Fires that start small can quickly grow to be substantial and will need fire damage cleaning services afterward. Make sure that the children in your household are properly taught how a fire can occur as well as how to save themselves. Check out these 3 ways to teach fire safety to kids:

  1. Show An Example

One of the best ways to get a kid’s attention is to show them how quickly a fire can spread. This will not only teach them about the fire but also about common things around the house that can cause a fire. Showing an example will also help instill a respectful fear of fire and how it can hurt. Consider lighting some lint from the dryer on fire in a controlled atmosphere or showing them some videos online about things catching fire.


  1. Practice Drills Often

Have your children practice how to get out of the house from multiple areas of the home. Practice if a fire happens at night and how to feel for a fire on their door. Other options to include during practice is to escape out of a window using a window ladder if bedrooms are on a second story floor. Make sure that your kids know how to respond if a fire should occur. Practice a fire drill every year while your children are young in order to keep fire safety fresh in their minds.


  1. Learn About Firefighters

Help children understand that firefighters are a safe person should a fire occur. Many children become afraid of firefighters due to their equipment used when saving children from a house fire. Make sure that your children know what to expect from a fireman’s suit as well as make it comfortable for them to approach a firefighter.

Consider all of these tips when teaching children about fire safety. Make sure that you are well prepared in case a fire does occur in your home that would need fire damage cleaning services. Should a fire occur, make sure to contact ServiceMaster of Charleston for all of the required fire damage cleaning services needed.


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