Fire Damage | 3 Ways to Protect Your Home from Fire

More fires seem to happen during the winter months making the season quite dangerous for those homeowners who don’t take the proper precautions. Here are 3 ways to protect your home from fire damage in need of disaster restoration services this winter:

#1: Don’t Overload Outlets

Wintertime brings more lighting and plugged in appliances like electric blankets, space heaters, and holiday decorations. Protect your home by not overloading outlets with too many cords. Purchase cords that are manufactured and rated for the correct use. Don’t use indoor cords for outside plug-ins and vice versa. Purchasing a timer is a great way to make sure that Christmas lights aren’t left on overnight.

#2: Be Present When Cooking

Never leave a hot stove unattended. If you forgot an ingredient, turn the stove off and stop cooking if you have to run to the store. Unattended food is the number one cause for kitchen fires. Be sure to keep clothing, towels, and pot holders away from a hot stove that could easily catch on fire. Protect your home from needing disaster restoration services by being aware of the heat sources in your kitchen. And if you have a smoke detector that is always going off due to something burning, don’t take out the battery! It may be annoying when it goes off all of the time but it is important in alerting you to the possibility of a potentially deadly situation.

#3: Watch Candles Closely

Candlelight is part of the winter season as many homeowners enjoy the ambiance that candles produce. However, having an open flame can be very dangerous in the home. Most candle fires start because the candles have been left near items that are flammable. Always be in the same room as a candle and make sure that it is at least 12 inches away from any other item. Consider choosing wax melts as a safer option if you enjoy the candle fragrance instead of a burning flame.

If your home does experience some kind of smoke or fire damage, ServiceMaster of Charleston can help in getting your home cleared of damage. We offer disaster restoration services that quickly and effectively make your home safe and sound during the winter season.