Emergency Water Removal | What to Do When Your Bathtub Overflows

Colder winter months mean that many families see a rise in shower and bathtub usage as hot water is used to keep everyone warm and toasty. Parents can start filling a bathtub to bathe a child and then forget about the water level as they step away to change a diaper or help the child in their room. A forgotten bathtub that is filling with water can quickly become a situation where emergency water removal services are needed. Here are some things to do if you are ever in this kind of situation:

Turn the Faucet Off

Seeing a bathtub overflow can cause panic and a ton of emotions in any homeowner. When this happens, don’t freeze in one spot but instead wade through the water to turn off the water source. This is the most important thing to do if you can safely do so. Be careful of plugged in appliances like hair dryers that are sitting in a flooded bathroom as they can cause electrocution.

Use Towels for Small Clean Ups

If your bathtub didn’t flood too much, and you think that you can handle cleaning up the water, use plenty of towels to soak up the water on the floor. Wring towels out into the nearby sink and plan on a doing a lot of loads of laundry when finished. Using a mop or large sponge can also help eliminate standing water from further damaging the floor.

Call ServiceMaster of Charleston

If the flood is too much to handle calling ServiceMaster of Charleston to perform their emergency water removal service is an essential part to putting your bathroom back on track. Our qualified and trained technicians know how to quickly and effectively remove water from the flooded area and can restore your bathroom quickly. Knowing when a job is too big is key to getting your home probably cleaned up before water can damage the structure of your home.

If your bathtub overfills and creates a mess contact ServiceMaster of Charleston and ask for their emergency water removal service to clear up the water and return your bathroom to working order.