Emergency Flood Repair | Things to Do To Prevent Flash Flooding


Emergency Flood Repair | Flash flooding is a common issue for many homeowners who live near a water source. All it takes is a large downpour for flash flooding to become a major problem. Flooding in your home is always unfortunate and, once flooded, repairs will need to be made including emergency flood repair. Consider protecting your home from the next flash flood with these quick tips:

Know Your Property’s Water Flow

During the next big storm go outside and witness how water flows in your yard and around your house. Just this knowledge of how a flash flood will move will help you in safeguarding your home for the future. Take notes on what spots of your yard are lower than others and what side of the house needs the most help. Once you know where water would potentially enter your home you can work to build up that portion of the yard in order to keep water away.

Create Barriers

Many homeowners rush for sandbags during the possibility of a flash food but you may not always have time to fill sandbags before your home is affected by rising water. Consider creating natural barriers between your home and the water source. Adding soil and building up parts of your yard will help to deter water around your home. Other options include investing in new technology like a water tube that will full surround your home with water in order to keep water away. Creating barriers is a great way to keep water from entering your home and requiring the need for emergency flood repair services.

Raise Up Electricity and Appliances

If you live in a known flood plain consider moving the electrical sockets, switches, and circuit breakers at least a foot above the highest possible flood level. Doing so will minimize the risk of shock during a flood and will also minimize the damage afterwards. Other good ideas include raising the level of the most expensive replacements in your home like the furnace, water heater, and air conditioning unit so that they are dry if a flood does occur.

Flash floods are notorious for damaging property quickly. Consider taking these steps now in order to protect your home when you need it most. If a flood does damage your home consider calling the professionals at ServiceMaster of Charleston for their emergency flood repair services. Contact us TODAY 843-882-2205!