It can be easy to want to store a lot of items in your basement but there are some things that should avoid the basement if at all possible. Basements provide not only a damp environment but also harbor issues like rodents and insects. Basements are notorious for flooding and can grow mold which would need mold remediation services. Check out these things that you shouldn’t store in your basement:


Not only can fabrics become water damaged in a basement but they also have the tendency to get eaten by mice. Make sure that fabrics and clothes are not stored in the basement for these reasons. Moths can also get into fabrics and ruin them without notice. Also remember things like tablecloths, curtains, and other things that are lined with fabric that could pose problems as well.

Upholstered Furniture

It can be easy to store an old couch down in the basement for a man cave but be aware that the damp conditions of a basement can cause the fabric of the couch to mildew. Basements can’t dry out very well which can leave the couch fabric in a state of perpetual dampness. Covered furniture also provides an area for mice or rats to nest without being detected. Mold remediation services may be required for a beloved couch that spent too much time in the basement.


Important papers like birth certificates, photos, and passports should never be stored in the basement due to the high humidity of basement air. Paperwork can easily be damaged by water from a leak or by water from the air. If paperwork must be stored in the basement make sure that it is in a sealed plastic tub that is on a high shelf to avoid water damage.

Even if your basement is dry, always plan on your basement harboring some kind of moisture content that could potentially ruin belongings. Keep paperwork, fabrics, and upholstered furniture out of the basement to keep them free from the need of mold remediation services. If your basement does flood, call the mold remediation experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston for help.