Disaster Restoration | 3 Reasons Why Your Toilet Keeps Clogging

Disaster Restoration | Having a properly working toilet is essential in today’s modern households. When toilet problems begin it can cause a lot of stress and frustration for everyone in the family as well as cause the potential for emergency flood repair. If you always find yourself unclogging the toilet consider these reasons why it may be happening:

  1. You Have An Older Toilet

Check the back of your toilet for a stamped date that will tell you when the toilet was manufactured. If your toilet was made during the 1990s or before you may be experiencing more clogs because of a lack of pressure. Consider replacing the toilet with a new model or limit the use of toilet paper if you don’t want to change out the toilet.

  1. You (Or Your Kids) Flush Everything

Make sure that everyone in your home, including the little ones, are only flushing toilet paper down the toilet. Things like floss, cotton balls, and feminine hygiene products can easily clog the toilet and cause major back up issues. Make sure to place a large trash can next to the toilet in order to encourage everyone to use that instead of flushing garbage. Also, consider that many flushable wipes may not be as easy to flush as you think. When in doubt just throw it out instead of flushing it!


  1. You Have Limited Air Flow

Many modern plumbing systems include a roof vent in order to pull fresh air into the system. This air allows for more pressure so that toilets don’t become clogged. Consider checking the roof vent to see if it is clogged by leaves, nests, or even critters that could be blocking the fresh air flow into the system. Low pressure in the toilet can cause backups and emergency flood repair after the toilet floods the bathroom.


There are many different things that could be causing a toilet to back up. Consider checking for these common issues in order to remedy a toilet that is always backing up. If the toilet backs up too much and causes flooding issues, make sure to call ServiceMaster of Charleston in order to receive their emergency flood repair services to get your bathroom back to working order quickly and efficiently.


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