You might not have heard of slab leaks before since they are rare compared to other home disasters. However, these leaks are not usually noticed right away since the leak happens in the foundation of your home and by the time you see the damages, you could be looking at costly disaster cleanup in North Charleston.  

Slab leaks are caused by many different reasons including wear, corrosion from pipes inside the walls, erosion, tree roots, and natural disasters such as earthquakes. When you have slab leaks in your foundation the structural damage can lead to significant water damage.  

Signs of Slab Leaks 

You will need a company that does disaster cleanup in North Charleston to help you figure out if you have a slab leak since these happen beneath the surface of the home. There are a few indications that will help make the determination, however: 

-Damp or mushy spots in the flooring  

-moldy carpets or floors 

-higher than normal water bills  

-water dripping sounds when no water is running  

-Hot areas on the floor 

-muddy or soggy soil around the house foundation 

Even before the structural damage can be seen, you might have a dangerous situation on your hands including the possibility of mold growth inside the walls of your home. Mold is not only incredibly dangerous to your health; it also causes rot and further structural damage.  

If you notice any of the signs of having a slab leak, you should call a professional company that does disaster cleanup in North Charleston as well as a contractor that can help you repair the foundation. This is one home improvement project that you cannot leave off your radar. Slab leaks must be addressed quickly to avoid the home being severely compromised and dangerous to you and your family. The solutions to slab leaks—fixing the damage, rerouting pipes, replacing pipes in the house completing, and completing the disaster cleanup should always be done using the specialized equipment of professionals.  

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