Commercial Cleaning Charleston SC  | What Is Your Office Fire Hazard Level?

Commercial Cleaning Charleston SC | Fires within the office are not only dangerous to employee safety but they also can create a huge issue in operating a business. Each office has varying degrees of hazards that make up the likelihood that the office will succumb to fire. Know what fire hazard level your office has with the guidelines below in order to prevent the need for fire damage cleanup at work:

Light Hazard Occupancy

This category applies to many office spaces in the Charleston area. Light hazard spaces don’t have any kind of combustible materials and should have Class A fire extinguishers in both water and foam varieties. Place fire extinguishers no further than 75 feet from every employee within the office building when your office is considered to have light hazard occupancy.

Ordinary Hazard Occupancy

It is likely that your office would be put into this category due to the presence of flammable liquids on the premises. Other items such as combustible materials, like a laundromat, are included in this fire hazard level. There is a wide range of difference between offices in this category with some having only a small amount of flammable liquid to others having much more. A mixture of water, foam, CO2, and powder fire extinguishers may be required for offices within this category. Check with your local fire safety authority for recommendations on fire extinguishers as well as placement options.

Extra Hazard Occupancy

Those offices that have kitchens or specialized processing equipment may be deemed in this top fire hazard category. These offices should have large CO2 of power extinguishers that can handle multiple types of fire that could occur. Commercial kitchens should also have Class K fire extinguishers and place them closer together. The fires that occur in these office buildings could require extensive fire damage cleanup. Make sure to check with your local fire safety authority for more information.

Office fires can do a lot of damage and should not be taken lightly. Make sure to have a fire safety plan for employees as well as know the fire hazard level that your office is considered. Having the proper fire extinguishers in the proper place is imperative to being able to fight an office fire. Consider contacting ServiceMaster of Charleston for all of your fire damage cleanup needs.