Commercial Cleaning Charleston SC | 3 Fire Hazards in Your Garage

Commercial Cleaning Charleston SC | Thousands of Americans experience fires in their garage every year. If your garage is attached to your home this can be especially problematic in keeping your family safe. Check your garage right now for these fire hazards that could become a future problem:

Propane Tanks

For those garages that store extra propane tanks, a tiny spark can easily ignite the garage on fire. Propane tanks that aren’t sealed correctly can have small leaks that could catch on fire. There have been many garage fires that have moved onto totally burning down homes due to the propane tank. Make sure to store your propane tank outside when not in use to lessen the chances of needing smoke damage clean up after a fire occurs.

Gas Cans

Many homeowners store extra tanks of gas in the garage for lawn mowers and weed whackers. These flammable liquids can add extra fuel to a garage fire that can easily escalate out of hand. Even the fumes that these liquids create are flammable and can create a flame. Make sure that gas cans are stored away from your home or in a garden shed for safety.


An easy way to burn down a garage is to have a messy area with too much stuff. Things in the garage like building materials, toys, and household extras can all easily catch on fire and make the fire burn stronger. Limit the amount of energy that a potential fire could have by clearing away clutter in the garage and disposing of trash properly.

Garage fires are serious and should be avoided at all cost. Storing propane tanks and gas cans away from your garage and home is a good idea to keep your home from needing smoke damage cleanup from a garage fire. Clearing away clutter and organizing your garage is another way that you can be proactive in keeping your garage fire-free. If you do have a garage fire consider calling the experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston to perform smoke damage cleanup services as well.