Commercial Cleaning Charleston | When to Call an Electrician

Commercial Cleaning Charleston | Providing electricity to a house is an important aspect of everyday life. Making sure that the electric parts of your home are working properly is vital. There may be times when you want to fix something electrical by yourself after watching a few videos online. However, electricity is not something to mess around with and electricians go through extensive training in understanding all of the rules and regulations. In order to prevent a house fire and fire damage cleaning, make sure to call a licensed electrician if you ever experience the following:


Having a shorted-out outlet or light fixture is a dangerous situation. If you ever notice sparks coming from an electrical outlet make sure to turn off the electricity to your home and contact an electrician. Sparks can mean that you have a bad connection or be a hint that there is a bigger problem in the system. Sparks can also easily start a fire in the home which would require the need for fire damage cleaning.

Detached Wiring

You may find some interesting things within a home from the past homeowners. There are many instances when homeowners were remodeling their home only to find questionable wiring and connections within the walls. If you ever come across something in your home that doesn’t look right in terms of the electrical wiring a call to a licensed electrician is important. Wiring that wasn’t connected correctly or having live wiring within the walls of your home can quickly start a house fire at any time.

You Have Questions

There are small electrical things that are pretty easy to do for homeowners like changing a fuse or switching the breaker. However, if you ever feel that the job is too big or if you feel overwhelmed with the situation you need to call a licensed electrician. Again, electricity is one aspect of your home that can cause major issues and possibly even death if you don’t know what you are doing. Make sure to play it safe and contact a licensed electrician to do the job for you.

Whenever you have an electrical issue in your home it is a good idea to call a licensed electrician who can help you get your house back to working order. Their expertise in the field will go a long way in time and worry when dealing with something as important as electricity. If you have experienced a small house fire due to an electrical issue consider contacting ServiceMaster of Charleston for complete fire damage cleaning.