Commercial Cleaning Charleston SC | Areas In Your Business Office That Are The Dirtiest

Commercial Cleaning Charleston SC | Even though you may periodically clean your office space, there are still areas that are susceptible to germs and bacteria. Often these are areas where a larger number of people frequent. People are the biggest carriers of germs and spread them along, often unknowingly, through various surfaces and items. These areas can often be big contributors of illness spreading throughout the workplace. Often these areas need a deep cleaning, that can be best achieved through a commercial cleaning service. Here are some of the areas in the workplace that acquire the most germs and bacteria.

Break Rooms

Break rooms are an area that pretty much every person in the office utilizes everyday. Whether it be to get a cup of coffee or enjoy your lunch, you are will typically frequent the break room. With so many people uses one area, it makes it an area that germs tend to frequent. People are touching surfaces and spilling things which can help the spread of disease. Some other high germ items in the break room include: sponges, coffeemakers and sinks.


Desks are constantly being touched by you and your coworkers. Unfortunately, everyone does not have clean hands when they are touching the desk. They may have sneezed, coughed or touched something dirty beforehand. Now those germs are on your desk the next time you touch that area. The same goes for all the tools that are on your desk such as: staplers, calculators, computer keyboard and printers.


Bathrooms are probably the most obvious area to house germs and bacteria. Toilets, sinks, towel dispensers and floors are the biggest germ areas. Women often take their purses to the bathroom and rest it on the floor in the bathroom stall. This is a terrible idea because of all the germs that rest on that same floor.

It is a great idea for all businesses to consider a good commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning allows for that deep clean that is often neglecting with light cleaning. Your business should consider ServiceMaster of Charleston for commercial cleaning in Charleston SC. ServiceMaster is the premier cleaning cleaning service in the Charleston SC area and will make sure your workplace is sanitized. Your employees will thank you because they will be healthier from the cleaner environment.