Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Commercial Carpet Cleaning service is an important part of your business.  Just about every office building has carpeting covering most of the floors, which is a good thing!  Commercial grade carpet is a great option for floor covering in your office, show room or retail space.  Carpet can add the warmth and comfort of home or familiar spaces giving your office a welcoming feeling and creating a great place for your employees to work comfortably.  Also, having carpet on your floors can help deaden the sounds of footsteps, echoes and other sounds that can be distracting and annoying.

Every flooring surface in your office or business needs to be regularly cleaned to maintain a professional appearance as well as to protect your employees and customers from falls and other hazards, but carpeting requires special attention to keep it looking its best and lasting a long time.

The biggest question when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning service is how often you should have it done.  That depends on a few different factors including what type of carpet you have and how much traffic it sees.  Commercial carpets today can be made from everything from wool or nylon to polyester or even polypropylene.  Some materials offer better stain resistance than others, while some offer better mold and mildew resistance.  For more information about the different types of materials carpets can be made from and the advantages of each, you can read this comprehensive article about the different types of carpet fibers.

Also, when considering your carpet cleaning frequency you have to consider how much traffic it is getting.  In some cases, such as a small office or rarely used conference room, your commercial carpet may actually see less traffic than your carpet at home does.  However, in other environments such as retail space, large offices or high traffic areas of your business, your carpets may require professional cleaning significantly more often to maintain them.  Our general recommendation is to get commercial carpet cleaning service every 6 to 12 months.  In the case of the rarely walked in conference room you may be able to stretch that to as long as every 18 months.  In the case of the traffic jammed retail space or anywhere you may regularly have customers or clients, you may want to schedule cleaning as often as every month.

Keeping your carpet clean is an important part of maintaining the apprence of your business.  Like it or not, both your employees and your customers will make judgments about how you run your office or business based on how clean and organized it is.  One of the easiest ways to show them you are one of the best in the business is to keep your floors clean!  Not only will this boost the appearance of your business but it can actually help save you money too.  Commercial grade carpet is not cheap.  If you have to replace some, or all of it because it has become soiled beyond repair or begins to rip, tear or pill due to excessive use it can be a significant capital expense for you.  Regularly cleaning your carpet will make sure any soiling is removed before it can become permanent.  Professional cleaning can also remove the sand and dirt that has been ground deep into your carpet by dirty shoes and deliveries.  If this dirt and sand is allowed to stay in your carpet, every time someone walks over it, the carpet fibers will be cut, and torn by the rough edges of the sand and dirt.  This can dramatically accelerate the wearing of your carpet.

When you’re ready to hire a commercial carpet cleaning service for your office or business, you should call ServiceMaster of Charleston.  ServiceMaster of Charleston is Charleston’s premier commercial cleaners specializing in commercial carpet and hard floor cleaning.  We can bring the life back to your carpet and help preserve it and protect your investment with our commercial carpet cleaning services.  For information give us a call at 843-760-0404 to setup an appointment, or visit our webpage to learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning services.

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