The Corona Virus Pandemic has been a worldwide pandemic that has opened our eyes to viruses and how they can spread. Now, more than ever before, businesses are having to put sanitation and cleanliness at the forefront of their business practices. They must take precautions they’ve never considered previously and must invest in ways to stop their businesses from being a breeding ground for viruses and infections. Commercial carpet cleaning, among other services, is one of the best ways you can achieve a healthier and virus-free environment for your employees and clients or customers.

Other ways to prevent the spread of viruses in your business include:

  1. Clean Touch Points Daily- Items or surfaces that are touched daily by people should be cleaned often. During times of pandemics, these surfaces such as receptionist desks, telephones, tables and chairs in break rooms, cash registers, and door handles should be cleaned every fifteen minutes or as often as possible.
  2. Sanitize and Deep Clean- Deep cleaning will eliminate germs on countertops, and commercial carpet cleaning will sanitize the surfaces that people walk across most often. Carpet fibers capture and hold onto dirt, grime, and viruses and bacteria that can track on your shoes across other surfaces in the building. Companies that offer commercial cleaning will also have different solutions to keep your offices and businesses clean and sanitary.
  3. Reinforce Hygiene Habits- Make sure to put up signage reminding people to wash their hands in the bathrooms and always have plenty of soap in stock. If your business has shopping carts or baskets, install sanitation stations near the inside corrals so that consumers can sanitize the carts before using them.
  4. Commercial Cleaning Schedule- Maintaining a commercial carpet cleaning schedule and general cleaning schedule will help to keep your business clean and sanitary as well as reduce allergens in the air. You’ll see your employees getting sick less often and improving the appearance and longevity of your property.

There are lots of benefits to commercial carpet cleaning; however, reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria is the number one reason to hire a company like ServiceMaster to clean your business.

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