Hardwood floors can be tasking to maintain, but have you ever wondered if they can withstand water damage in the event it happens? A water disaster can happen at any time, and the only best way to deal with one is to get professional services. SM Charleston provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston, taking up the challenge to deal with water disasters.

The usual spills on your hardwood floors are expected, but what would happen to your hardwood floors if there was a water disaster?

Hardwood floors can get damaged quickly, and no damage should be considered small when it comes to such floors. The extent of damage will depend on the type of wood, moisture, and the length of exposure.

Here are factors that will determine the amount of damage;

  • Your response time. The more time you leave the water to soak your hardwood floors, the more the damage. As soon as the damage occurs, contact SM Charleston for reliable water disaster restoration services in Charleston.
  • The type of wood. Some kinds of wood are more susceptible to damage than others. These vary across engineered wood, strip wood, plant wood, and laminate wood.
  • The amount of moisture. All wood types can withstand a specific degree of exposure to moisture. Some soak up quickly, while others take some time to hold water.
  • Degree of damage. Water damage does not necessarily warrant the replacement of your hardwood floors. Unless the damage is hidden for a long time, anything less severe can be saved.

The faster you respond to your water-damaged hardwood floor, the higher the chances of saving it. If you are looking for water disaster restoration services in Charleston, SM Charleston is the best solution for properly assessing damage and effective restoration.