3 Questions to Ask About Your Windows

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Protecting the inside of your home is important to keeping your home safe and dry from outside elements. Windows provide lots of natural light to a home but can also become a problem as they age. Here are 3 signs that you need new windows in your home:

Can You Feel A Draft?

Older windows are notorious for having gaps where wind and cold air can enter your home. If you walk by a window and feel a steady stream of air coming into your home, you know that you have a draft. Pay close attention to windows during a windstorm and feel all around the window casing in order to see if you can detect any sort of direct air movement. Drafts not only raise your heating and cooling bill but they also allow other things to get inside like rain, snow, or bugs. Address drafty windows quickly before rain can enter your home and cause water damage clean up services to be ordered.

How Old Are Your Windows?

Most quality windows should last between 15-20 years and some vinyl windows offer a 20-25 year warranty. Find out how old your windows are and start making plans to replace them when their life expectancy has passed. Old windows can increase your energy bill quickly as they aren’t as efficient as they once were. Replacing all of the windows at one time can get costly so make a plan to replace windows in sections of your home to spread out the cost over a few years.

Are Your Windows Always Wet?

Condensation is a common thing that can occur on windows and usually a home will have one window that always seems to be wetter than others. However, if a most of your windows show condensation it is a good sign that the windows should be replaced in order to avoid water damage clean up services.

Windows are a main source of problems that can lead to residential water damage or flooding in your home. Check for drafts, know the age, and check for wet areas of your windows in order to make sure that they are in good working order. If your leaky windows have caused damage requiring the need for water damage clean up, contact the professionals at Service Master of Charleston today.