Charleston is no stranger to flooding, with heavy rains and tropical storms causing significant water damage throughout the city. In 2020 alone, this coastal city was hit with 69 tidal floods, which caused extensive damage to many businesses and homes. Fortunately, water damage cleanup in Charleston is readily available, allowing homeowners and business owners to restore their property quickly.

If you’ve recently been affected by a flood or water damage, it is essential to prioritize safety. The risks associated with contaminated water and structural damage can be life-threatening.

Today, we will share eight safety tips to remember after a flood and how water damage cleanup services in Charleston can help you recover your property and ensure your safety.

1. Evacuate Immediately | Water Damage Cleanup In Charleston

If the flood is severe, you must evacuate the area as soon as possible. Avoid walking or driving through floodwater and listen to emergency broadcasts for updates and instructions.

2. Watch Out for Electrical Hazards

Floodwaters can damage electrical systems and create electrical hazards, such as downed power lines or electrical currents in the water. Stay away from electrical equipment, outlets, and appliances, and don’t touch anything electrical if you’re standing in water.

3. Protect Yourself from Contaminants

Floodwater can contain harmful contaminants, including sewage and chemical pollutants. Wear protective gear, including rubber gloves and watertight boots, and avoid touching floodwater with open wounds or cuts.

4. Beware of Structural Damage

Floods can cause structural damage to buildings and homes, making them unsafe to enter. Be cautious of sagging ceilings, uneven floors, and other potential hazards, and wait for a professional to assess the damage before entering.

5. Use Caution with Appliances | Water Damage Cleanup In Charleston

If your home or business has experienced flooding, it’s essential to turn off all appliances and electronics and unplug them if possible. Don’t use any appliances or electronics until inspected and deemed safe by water damage experts.

6. Take Photos for Insurance Claims

Document the damage by taking photos or videos for insurance claims. Additionally, ask your water damage cleaners for an accurate estimate for repair and restoration services. It will help speed up the claims process and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

7. Don’t Attempt DIY Cleanup

Attempting to clean up flood damage on your own can be dangerous, as you might not have the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience. You may inadvertently cause further damage or spread contaminants, leading to more costly repairs and potential health risks. So, it’s best to leave it to the experts in water damage cleanup in Charleston for a safe and thorough restoration.

8. Be Cautious with Food

Floodwater can also contaminate food, so be cautious with what you eat. Discard any food that has come in contact with floodwater, including canned goods and non-perishables. When in doubt, throw it out.

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ServiceMaster of Charleston is a licensed and experienced provider of water damage cleanup in Charleston. We understand the devastating effects of floods and the importance of acting fast to minimize damage and restore your property.

Our skilled water damage cleaners use advanced techniques and equipment to remove water, dry the affected areas, and disinfect your property to prevent mold and bacteria growth. We also work with your insurance company to streamline the claims process and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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