4 Things That Are Included In Content Cleanup after a Commercial Fire

A fire at a commercial location can be detrimental to a business as well as to the owners and staff that are affected by such a horrific event. ServiceMaster of Charleston is committed to providing the best fire damage clean up service possible to help get the business back up and running. Part of our fire damage clean up services includes removal of the content within your business. Here are 4 ways that we help restore valuable content to business owners after a fire:

Immediate Items

Our team of experts will collect the immediate items that you will need in order to operate your business from a remote location during the cleanup process. You will be an avid part of the team in providing information and communication with our fire damage clean up technicians so that everything that can be safely used will be removed. This will allow you to keep your business running in order to earn much needed income after a fire.


One of the biggest issues that business owners have after a fire is the loss of valuable secure storage for sensitive documents and materials. Our team at ServiceMaster of Charleston will securely remove those sensitive items as well as thoroughly clean and store those items that are most important to the success of your business.


Our teams of experts have seen commercial fires before. They know what items in your business can be saved and what items will be a total loss. Our staff will evaluate what can be salvaged from your business and will help you decide what is best to do financially in terms of saving or replacing items.


Everything else that is left within your business will be carefully packed and taken out of the location. This will allow you to focus on more important issues and allow us to do the heavy lifting for you. Our team will also clean those items and store them until you are ready to open your doors again.

Allow our team of experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston to assist you with every aspect of the needed fire damage clean up services after a fire. We will take care of the little things so that you can focus on getting your business back into working order.