We all have had that one faucet in our home that has a leak issue. Either the faucet drips after being shut off or there is water that leaks in the faucet connections itself. A leaky faucet can be an easy fix but sometimes it can be a warning signal of deeper plumbing issues that could require water damage restoration services. Check out the following 4 things that could be the reason why your faucet is leaking:

#1: The O Ring

This little disc is usually the number one culprit to a leaky faucet. The O Ring is a common replacement part in a faucet as it regularly wears out over time. You will know that you need to replace the O Ring of your faucet when you notice water leaking near the handles. Thankfully the O Ring is a common part that is pretty cheap to fix, and replacements can be found at any local hardware store.

#2: The Washer

Another common area of concern for a leaky faucet is the washer that sits against the valve seat of the faucet. This washer is pushed against the valve seat to turn off water flow and can therefore be easily worn out over time. You’ll know that this washer needs to be replaced when you notice leaks coming from the base of the faucet spout.

#3: The Seals

Most faucets feature inlet and outlet seals that direct the flow of water. Debris and sediment from within your water source can build up on the seals and cause them to wear out. You’ll know that you have a seal issue if your faucet constantly drips after being turned off. Replace the seals if you feel comfortable or hire a plumber to help clean out the system in order to prevent the need for water damage restoration if a leaky faucet becomes more of an issue.

#4: Plumbing Fittings

Faulty plumbing can also be causing a leaking faucet and this issue can cause a lot of water damage in a home. Pipes can develop cracks that affect the water pressure in a home and can lead to major flooding issues. Fittings that connect the pipes all around the house can cause issues if not properly tightened or not screwed together properly.

A leaky faucet can be a small and easy fix but can become a major problem if not addressed quickly. Look for these problem areas in your home faucets and be sure to not allow a faucet to leak for too long. If left unattended, leaky faucets can become major issues that flood a home. If that does happen, ServiceMaster of Charleston can provide water damage restoration services that will bring your home back to working order in no time.