4 Important Ways to Clean Up After Water Damage

Excess water in your home can quickly become a nightmare. Allow our team of professionals at ServiceMaster of Charleston to assist you on every level with important water damage restoration services. We will provide excellent service and provide the following 4 ways to address the cleanup process in your home:

Water Extraction

The first thing that obviously needs to be done is getting the excess water out of your home. Our team will bring in the latest technology to effectively get the water of your home in a timely manner. Many different techniques will be used to make sure that all of the visible water is gone from your home.

Drying Process

A huge part of any water damage restoration service is providing accurate drying. Both the floors and structure of your home will need extra drying in order to clear away any extra moisture within them. Our industrial sized fans and dryers will work overtime in getting your home free of any excess moisture hidden within fabrics, walls, and framing of your home.

Mold and Sewage Remediation

The ill effects of mold growth and backed up sewage can bring health concerns to your family. Our mold and sewage remediation services are sometimes required after water damage remediation has occurred. This will help to keep your home safe from mold growth and sewage waste issues that may appear a few days after the flood has occurred.

Odor and Stain Removal

Even after your home is dry and safe to live in you may still notice a slight odor or possible stains that have occurred due to the excess moisture. Our qualified technicians can remove unpleasant odor from your home with special machines that will clean the air. We can also remove any staining that has occurred on carpets, flooring, furniture, or walls due to the excess water that was in your home.

Our specially trained team of experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston  is committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Our water damage restoration process is thorough and effective in bringing your home back to normal after a flood.