A water disaster due to water heater failure is a common problem in commercial and residential properties. A malfunctioning water heater can cause severe water disaster to your property, with leakages being the top cause of water heater failures.  If your water heater fails and leaves a water disaster, the best solution would be to get professionals. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston SC, so if you live in the area, consider calling us for all your restoration needs. 

Tips For Water Heater Maintenance | Water Disaster Restoration Services in Charleston

Regular Inspection

Regular inspection of your heater will enable you to identify problems early, protecting you from costly repairs in the future. With professional help, you can ascertain the extent of damage in your water heater, start repairs, and replace any broken parts, preventing water damage in the long run. 

Drain the Heater Yearly | Water Disaster Restoration Services

Flushing your heater yearly will help to remove sediments on the interior and increase your heater’s efficiency. The best way to do this is to bring professionals for water disaster restoration services on board to ensure that the process is executed effectively. 

Check the Anode Rod

Watch for corrosion on the anode rod and plan for a replacement. Replacing the anode rod will increase the life of your heater and contribute to preventing a water disaster in the long run. 

Regulate the Temperature

Setting your heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended to ensure it runs optimally. Even though you might need to switch the temperature high, keeping it under 120 does not stretch it too far to cause damage over time. 

Prolonged use or poor water heater maintenance can lead to water damage. If your water heater fails, the best thing to do would be to call ServiceMaster. We provide water disaster restoration services in Charleston, and thanks to our skilled and equipped team, you can trust us with any extent of water damage.