Fire Damage | 3 Things to Consider to Keep Home Fire Safe

Fire Damage | When building a new home, it is important to consider the aspects of your home that will keep your family safe from fire. Fires cause detrimental damage to thousands of homes each year and can quickly cause death to those inside. Consider these 3 things when building your home to keep your home safe from the possibility of fire and the need for smoke damage cleanup:

Building Materials

New technology has allowed home supply manufacturers to create framing options that are deemed safer than normal wood built frames. Insulating Concrete Form, or ICF, is a system of reinforced concrete that makes up the walls of a home. This concrete is increasingly stronger to stand up to fire and can do wonders in saving a home from flames. The concrete qualities can also guard against impending smoke from a nearby fire as concrete won’t absorb smoke fumes like wood would. This will help to keep your home smoke free and decrease the chances of the need for smoke damage cleanup services.

Select You Site Wisely

We all know that home buying is all about location, location, location, and the same is true when building a home. Choose a site for your home that is a safe distance away from forests or other overgrown vegetation areas that could impede your home. Consider a larger plot of land that will allow your home to be built farther away from neighbors to decrease the chance of a fire spreading. If your neighbor’s house catches on fire, the chances of your own home being adversely affected by the flames is much greater if the homes are only a few feet apart.

Create Natural Zones

Fires spread because materials are too close together and become fuel. Create natural fire deterrent zones in your landscaping by separating your wood fence from your home with a rock pathway. This will buy you precious time in the event of a fire and can even keep a fire from igniting your home. Also, be aware of keeping fuel sources away from your home and resisting the urge of overcrowding your landscape with plants. Choose your new homes material, location, and landscape wisely when building a new home. Following these tips will help keep your home safe from possible fires in your area. If you ever do need smoke damage cleanup, ServiceMaster of Charleston is always ready to help.