Mold is a silent and sneaky fungus that can visibly grow in your home but can also be hidden behind wall cavities. If not properly treated with mold remediation services, the growth of mold can physically harm your family and create structural issues within your home. Look for the following 3 ways to spot mold growth in your home:

Health Concerns

Mold spores could be floating around in your home without you even realizing it. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to showing physical signs of mold within a home. If you notice any kind of respiratory issues like coughing or wheezing it could be an indicator of mold. Family members with asthma are more likely to be irritated by mold spores and would have trouble breathing. If you have ruled out other health concerns, mold issues within your home could be the culprit. Note when the person affected has symptoms: is it only within your home or is it other places as well? A person who shows symptoms only while within your home may be a good indicator that the problem is within the home.

Dark Spots

If you notice dark spots or staining on your flooring, walls, or ceiling, it could be an indicator of mold growth. Mold is notorious for growing well in dark and warm places which makes the wall cavity of your home a perfect environment. Check these areas often and note any discoloration or spots that may indicate mold growth. If you locate any suspicious looking areas mold remediation services may be needed.


Is there a window in your home that is always wet with condensation? Maybe there is an area of your home that never seems to really dry out? These are prime areas of concern as mold requires water to grow. Address these issues by noting humid areas of your home and investing in a dehumidifier to rid the space of water in the air.

Mold can be very dangerous and should be quickly addressed. The experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston know mold and how to treat it. Their mold remediation services include an overall scan of your home to make sure that there are no harmful amounts of mold spores in the air. Contact them today for an appointment to keep your home safe and secure from mold.