3 Ways to Keep You’re Wiring Safe

The electrical wiring of a home is a complex system that can unfortunately deteriorate over time. Depending on the age of your home, your wiring may need professional attention to keep your home safe from an electrical shortage that could start a fire. Follow these 3 tips and keep your home safe from the need of smoke damage cleanup in the event of an electrical fire:

Don’t Ignore That Dead Switch

Is there one switch in your home that doesn’t work or, even worse, works only part of the time? This could be a major indicator of a dangerous electrical shortage in your wiring. Don’t ignore the fact that a light switch is on the fritz. Purchase an electrical tester if you feel confident to check it yourself or hire a professional electrician to look at the system for you. A faulty switch is a hint to a much larger problem behind closed walls.

Fix Problems during Remodels

When you tear down decades of wallpaper and find an empty socket area with live wiring, call an electrician immediately to fix the problem. Be thankful that such a dangerous situation didn’t harm your house but don’t overlook the issue either. Tearing down walls and finding issues during a remodel are things that need to be addressed to keep your home safe. Don’t spend time being upset with prior homeowners or bad contractors and instead put that energy into fixing the problem at hand.

Fix the Breaker

If you are always dealing with a breaker that has tripped it could be a sign that your wiring needs some attention. Having to flip the breaker back on a weekly basis is too much and could be a sign that your electrical system is overloaded. Hire a professional to assess the situation in your home, and replace the breaker, to keep your wiring system from sparking a fire.

Electrical systems are great when they are working properly but they can easily become a huge hazard in a home. Keep your home safe from fire and the need for smoke damage clean up services by paying attention to small hints within your home that lead to electrical issues. If your home does experience a fire caused by your wiring, the professionals at ServiceMaster of Charleston are always ready to provide important smoke damage cleanup.