3 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Mold Free

Mold is most commonly found in areas of the home that see frequent water use. Bathrooms are notorious for mold growth and can easily get out of hand causing the need for mold remediation services. Follow these 3 easy ways to keep mold from growing in your bathrooms:

Check the Vent

Making sure that your bathroom ventilation is properly working is your first line of defense against the possibility of growing mold. Clean the vent regularly from dust and make sure that the vent sounds like it is working properly. If your bathroom vent is making a grumbling noise or sounds different than it originally did, consider replacing it for a more efficient model. If you live in an older home that doesn’t have bathroom vents, consider installing one yourself or calling a contractor to install one for you. Getting the moisture out of the bathroom is the first step from mold growth and needing mold remediation services.

Check the Tile

Tile is commonly used in bathroom flooring and walls as it is excellent at repelling moisture and won’t soak up water. However, the grout that connects the tile can become an issue if it becomes broken or chipped. Fix broken grout and tiles that have cracks so that moisture can’t penetrate the area and cause mold to grow.

Fix the Caulking

The caulk that lines the bathtub to your shower walls is not fail proof. There will be a time during your homeownership when you will start to see the caulking pull away from the wall and black mold will appear. Ignoring this problem could cause major implications of mold underneath your tub or in the wall cavity itself. If you see this start to happen, simply remove the caulking and scrub the affected area thoroughly. Replace the caulking to create a mold resistant seam.

Being proactive about the moisture level in your bathroom will help deter mold growth. If you do find mold within a bathroom and need mold remediation services, contact ServiceMaster of Charleston for quick guidance and help to bring your bathroom back to working order.