3 Signs You Need a New Front Door

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The main access areas of your home can cause many issues if not working properly. Your home’s front door may be inviting extra guests to enter your home without you ever knowing it. Check for these 3 signs that you need a new front door to your home:

Visible Cracks

If you have a solid wood door and can see sunlight through the door, you know that you have some cracks to take care of. Closed doors should keep out the elements including hot and cold air that would make your energy costs rise inside your home. Fill cracks as needed or consider replacing the entire door for a newer version to avoid the risk of allowing excess water to enter your home during a storm.

Winter Woes

During the cold winter months do you have to stuff a towel or other door stop at the base of the door in order to keep the cold weather out? This is telltale sign that you need a new front door. Not only can a gap in the bottom of your door allow cold air to come through but it can also allow snow, ice, and rain to enter your home that could cause water damage. Avoid needing water damage restoration by replacing a door that fits correctly.

Hard To Close

If your door is hard to close you may have some warping that has permanently damaged the door itself. Doors should close properly to not only provide security for your home but to also guard against the outdoor elements that could damage your home. Having one corner of the door that isn’t sealed can let in bugs, rain, wind, and snow which can need water damage restoration.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your front door consider getting a replacement door to better protect your home. In the meantime, ServiceMaster of Charleston can help provide water damage restoration services for your home after water damage has occurred from the use of an old entry door.