6 Reasons You May Want to Reconsider Tree Removal

Tree Removal While tree removal is necessary for some situations, it can actually end up causing more harm than good. In fact, many people carelessly remove live trees from their property without recognizing the consequences it will bring to them and the environment. If you’re thinking about tree removal, here are just a few reasons why we urge you to reconsider.

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6 Reasons You Should Reconsider Tree Removal

Unless the tree has been contaminated with an incurable disease or poses a threat to your home, it is not usually necessary to perform tree removal. Doing so can have negative consequences for your home and property. Read on to discover the repercussions of tree removal.

  1. Affects the Habitats of Forest-Dwelling Fauna

When you remove a tree, you are negatively affecting the that area’s habitat. Any plant and animal populations that relied on the tree will be forced elsewhere or may even cause them to perish. In some communities, masses of deforestation and tree removal has dwindled animal and plant populations.

  1. Soil Loses Its Cohesiveness

Since there are no longer any tree roots to anchor it, the soil becomes susceptible to drying out. Once that happens, it is no longer able to support life and is rendered useless. It could also lead to the pollution of nearby water sources through soil erosion. This pollution decreases the quality of local water and can cause health-related problems.

  1. It Disrupts the Water Cycle

Tree roots normally ground the water and release it into the atmosphere. The removal of tree roots makes it more difficult for water to evaporate, which could lead to the disruption of balance in rivers and precipitation.

  1. Potentially Releases Mold Spores Into the Air

Mold spores thrive naturally in the outdoor environment. However, it is quite easy for them to slip through the doors of your home, especially when they’re airborne. If you remove a tree near your home, thousands of mold spores are released into the air. With the increased presence of these spores, your chances of developing mold in your home increase.

  1.  Trees Can Help Lower Your Energy Bill

Trees located near a home provide a significant amount of shade. In turn, that shade can actually lower your A.C. bill by keeping your house cooler. In the winter months, they can also reduce your heating bill by providing windbreak from the icy winds.

  1. Trees Can Be Salvaged

If your tree has a treatable disease or pest issue, these problems can be easily corrected. Tree removal is not your only option in these situations. Be sure to look for a certified arborist that can help you assess the tree’s overall health and give you informed answers.

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