Mold Removal vs. Mold Mitigation: What You Need to Know

Mold Mitigation While most of us cringe at the mere sound of the word “mold,” it is an inevitable part of nature. Most of us will deal with mold at least once in our lives, and sometimes even more! Being knowledgeable about how the fungus works and learning how to properly deal with it is essential in a successful mold mitigation process. Of course, being well educated on the subject means you know the difference between mold mitigation and mold removal. If you don’t know the answer, no worries! Here is everything you need to know about mold removal vs. mold mitigation and tips on what to do when you discover mold!

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Mold Mitigation vs. Mold Removal

Many people who suffer from mold are unaware that there is a huge difference between simply cleaning the mold and mitigating the mold. Knowing this could mean the difference between getting rid of the mold for good and temporarily fixing the problem.

With mold removal, you are eliminating the fungus that you can see with your naked eye. For example, if you find a small patch of mold caused by a simple water leak, you can remove the outbreak with effective cleaning techniques. For smaller and non-toxic mold growth, this will usually work just fine. However, for larger, consistent, and potentially toxic outbreaks, household mold mitigation is in order. Mold mitigation, also known as mold remediation, focuses on getting mold levels back to its normal, natural levels. It’s virtually impossible to remove all traces of mold, but you can get it under control.

Tips to Keep Mold Under Control

If mold is not dealt with immediately, it could cause significant property damage and also negative health effects in you and other household members. While relying on mold removal companies is the best option, there are plenty of ways you can deal with smaller mold issues yourself.

One of the best and most natural ways to deal with small infected areas is a vinegar, borax, and water solution! These materials are known for their anti-mold and fungi characteristics. Here is what you’ll need:

Face Mask

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Vinegar
  • Borax
  • 1 Quart of Warm Water

Once you have everything you need, use these easy-to-follow instructions to show that mold who’s boss!

  • Combine ½ vinegar with ¼ cup borax and the warm water. Shake the mixture thoroughly.
  • Apply the mixture to a cloth that you will be able to dispose of after cleaning.
  • Pour a small amount of the vinegar/borax solution to the mold, and use the cloth to scrub it away.
  • Wipe away any mold debris that has been dislodged.
  • Repeat the above directions until all traces of the mold are gone.

Call ServiceMaster of Charleston To Get the Job Done Right

As we mentioned before, the best way to keep mold from coming back is to rely on the professionals. That’s why we encourage you to contact ServiceMaster of Charleston at the first signs of mold overgrowth. We will help you identify the mold, find where it is coming from, and react quickly to provide you with quality mold removal results. We’ll restore your peace of mind and have your home right back to normal as soon as possible! Contact us today and inquire about our mold remediation and testing services. We’re happy to help!