6 of the Best Things to Do During a House Flood

House FloodDid you know that around 14,000 people experience a house flood every day? Whether it be something as small as an overflowing toilet or a situation more serious, like a busted pipe, water damage can cause significant damage to your home. Before you start thinking about flooded house clean up, here are some things that you should do immediately to prevent further damage and start the process towards restoration.

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6 Things to Do Immediately During a House Flood

If you suddenly find yourself dealing with a house flood, it’s important to get to work as soon as possible. The earlier you begin, the greater chance you’ll have at saving your home from irreparable damage. Here are the first steps that you should take from the moment you notice a house flood.

  1. Stop the Flow

Priority number one is finding the source of the water and putting a stop to it! Once you’ve found the problem, turn it off or block the water flow if it is possible.

  1. Turn off the Electricity

Now there’s a shocker! Did you get our joke? For your own safety, head to the fuse box and turn off the electricity. If you can’t reach the fuse box without trudging into water, call an electrician instead and stay away from wet areas.

  1. Document the Damage

For insurance reasons, document any and all damage that was caused by the water. Be sure to also capture possessions that were affected by the flood. Also, you’ll want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to inquire about what will be covered. Don’t remove any water before talking to them, as doing so could decrease the amount of coverage you can claim.

  1. Remove Valuables

Now is the time to save your treasured items such as important documents or fragile items! Be careful as you remove these valuables and transport them to safety.

  1. Refrain from moving large furniture

Instead, focus on moving smaller items that can be transported much more easily.

  1. Call ServiceMaster of Charleston

Relying on the professionals will ensure the water restoration process proceeds as quickly and seamlessly as possible!


How to Prevent a House Flood

Now that we’ve established some ground rules for what to do during a house flood, let’s mention some tips to keep it from happening to begin with! There many simple tasks you can perform to keep the floodwaters out of your home, and most of them require very little to no time at all. Here is some of our most helpful advice to prevent a house flood.

  • Keep your gutters clean. If they’re clogged with leaves, water can collect and begin seeping into your home.
  • Seal cracks in your home’s foundation or windows with a caulking gun.
  • Keep the heat on in the winter. Frozen pipes can burst much more easily.
  • Insulate your pipes.
  • If you have an outdoor sprinkler system, be sure they are clear before winter arrives.

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