Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Eco-Friendly Companies in Charleston, SC

Eco-Friendly Companies With pristine beaches, fresh air, winding rivers, and thick marshes, it’s no wonder Charleston is recognized as one of the most visually stunning places in the country. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to protect its unique and fragile environment. Fortunately, Charleston is home to countless eco-friendly companies that work tirelessly to accomplish this goal.  We’ve gathered some of our favorite green restaurants, stores, landscapers, and cleaning companies and put them all together in this list. If you want to contribute to the longevity of Charleston’s natural environment, be sure to support these local eco-friendly companies!

Interested in a more Earth-friendly world? ServiceMaster of Charleston is one of the most eco-friendly companies in the region. Explore our green cleaning page to find out how our techniques help protect the environment.

Your Guide to the Most Eco-Friendly Companies in Charleston

Cleaning Companies

Cleaning products used in your home or office can be extremely harmful, both to you and the environment.  However, we at ServiceMaster of Charleston pride ourselves on being one of the greenest cleaning companies around.  We help benefit our surrounding atmosphere by using eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

These products will not negatively affect your air or water.  Additionally, the tools we use remove any dirt or bacteria without releasing it into the air of your home. That way, you know your home or office will be left sparkling clean without the harmful chemical residues.

Food Companies

Numerous restaurants in Charleston strive to prepare meals for local residents that are both healthy and sustainable.  Five Loaves Cafe is an establishment that is eco-friendly inside and out. Along with serving meals made from local vegetables and hormone-free meats, their buildings are made entirely from environmentally-friendly materials.  The Sprout in Mt Pleasant is another great healthy eating spot. They also have a juice bar if you want to grab a smoothie on the go.  Other favorite spots that Charleston inhabitants love for their fresh and organic foods include The Gathering Cafe, Sesame Burgers and Beer, and Black Bean Co.

Clothing Companies

There is an abundance of eco-friendly clothing companies to explore in Charleston.  You can take a trip down King Street to check out M. Dumas & Sons. They’re known for selling a brand called Collared Greens, a highly-esteemed company that strives to preserve the environment through their American-made, eco-friendly, upscale men’s clothing.  Over on George Street, House of Sage offers a wide selection of eco-friendly products. This includes all kinds of fashionable apparel and trendy accessories for both women and men.

Landscaping Companies

If you want a beautiful and sustainable backyard that is free of the frequent threats we face in this area, arrange a consultation with Palmetto Green.  Their comprehensive services include sodding, mulch, pine straw, tree and shrub installation, and much more.  Earth Friendly is another fantastic option! They specialize in using methods that are non-polluting while utilizing equipment that is powered by the wind and sun.  

Enjoy the Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning With ServiceMaster of Charleston

Eco-Friendly Companies ServiceMaster of Charleston also provides a variety of disaster restoration services, all of which are efficient and thorough without being toxic to the environment.  We’re also well-known for our residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and construction services. We can handle any situation, so what are you waiting for?  Get in touch with us today to demand the yellow van!

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