Got Stains? The Best Way to Clean Grout After Water Damage

Best Way to Clean GroutWhile tiled floors with grout are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, they can be very difficult to clean. In fact, sitting water can cause mold and mildew to grow in the grout, which is extremely challenging to remove. It usually appears as dark, unsightly stains on your floors. If you are dying to get rid of these stains once and for all, never fear!  There are multiple do-it-yourself remedies for cleansing your home of this nasty nuisance. The best part? Some of these quick fixes involve ingredients that you most likely already have in your home!  Take a look at these ideas to discover the best way to clean grout for your home.

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Steps to the Best Way to Clean Grout

  1. Make Sure You Have a Grout Cleaner Brush

Want to know how to clean grout on a tile floor? One of the most important steps is to make sure you have all the necessary equipment.  A good, stiff-bristled brush is the perfect tool for effectively scraping up all that unwanted gunk.

  1. Mild Solutions

If your mold situation is fairly mild, start with simply spraying warm water on the ground and scrubbing in small circles with your grout cleaning brush.  If that doesn’t do the trick, take it up a notch and add a little vinegar to the water. This creates some of the best homemade grout cleaner!

  1. Moderate Solutions

In some cases, your mold may have advanced past the mild stage and become a bit more aggressive.  If you’re wondering how to clean tile grout with vinegar and baking soda, it’s straightforward and generally effectual.  Mix together baking soda and water until you’ve created a thick paste. Spread this along the grout lines, then spray the paste with your vinegar and water solution.  It should foam for a bit, but once it stops, wipe it away with water.  Hydrogen peroxide is another alternative for moderate stains.  

  1. Extreme Solutions

You might need to take drastic action if your mildew has progressed past the moderate stage!  Oxygen bleach is an excellent solution for more threatening mold and mildew. Chlorine bleach is even more potent and only should be used in the most extreme cases.  

  1. Steam Clean Grout

A grout steam cleaner is a useful and environmentally-friendly method of eradicating mold and mildew.  These devices shoot jets of pressurized steam into the grout to destroy any harmful substances.  Steam cleaners are affordable, easy to use, and can be applied to cleaning other parts of your home as well.  

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Photo Credit: Imagemakers_Creative_Studio/Getty Images